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What decent decks can I make with only one or two box openings. (aka 20 packs)


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Destiny Hero

Skill: Destroyer of D ( last event )

3 D HERO Celestial
3 D HERO Drill Dark
2 D HERO Dreamer
1 D HERO Decider
1 D HERO Dark Angel
3 D Cubed

S / T : 7
2 D Fusion
2 Spiritualism
1 Polymerization
1 Enemy Controller
1 Megamorph

Extra : 3
1 Vision Hero Trinity
2 D HERO Plasma
I could tell more decks but I'm tired about type
3 Izana
1 Dakini
3 Benten
1 Idaten (if you have more use)
1 Cyber Petit Angel
3 Cyber Tutubon
3 Mercifel Machine Angel
3 Machine Angel Absolute Ritual
1 Machine Angel Ritual
1 Backrow card
skill Master of Rites

*I forget the Thunder Stein deck skill is life cost 0
3 Angelica
3 Jasmine
3 Cananga
3 Aroma Garden
3 Solar Nutrient
1 Rosemary
2 enemey Controller
+ 2 backrow card (Anubis Cursed, Windstorm, Forbidden whisher)
skill what growns in the graveyard
3 Cyber Stein
3 Thunder Dragondark
3 Thunder Dragon
1 Elemental Hero Bubbleman
3 Card of Sancticity
3 Magic Mallet
1 Reload
3 Goblin Thief
1 Ojama King
2 Cyber End Dragon
2 super vehicroid jumbo drill
STALL deck:
3 Laval Golem
3 Cypher Soldier
3 Obnoxious Celtic Guardian
2 Kiteroid
1 Jade Insect Whistler
1 Etaqua Windstorm
1 Cursed Anubis
3 DNA Surgery
3 Counter Gate
Parasite Infestation skill
let me finish my f4p than I will back to post the link what I show 0 gems decks, wait
let me finish my @@@ than I will back to post the link what I show 0 gems decks, wait
Including yours, idiot :)
Someone's comments getting deleted soon :)

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