I spend 9000 gems into the new mini box. What can I build now?

I got every UR 2x and every SR 3x. I am really confused what to do now. Auto Deck says there are no compatible cards and I should choose other cards.. but I never chose any cards?! Help


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u can build masked heroZ
you just wasted your gems. the latest mini-box had no decks capable to be on the tier list
melodious is the only deck you can build with only SRs/URs from that box. It does requires Ns and Rs from other boxes, but those are easy to get.
The one and only is melodious, becoz ninja need card from other box

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Sorry, i should clarify i was on chromebook and i clearl did all the steps right, but the account...
No, but it is rarely activated, it works better to scare your opponent
Good times indeed. There was no meta yet, and everyone had to try out their combos themselves ins...
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