Grandmerge vs Chocolate Magician girls effect

Hi everyone, i encountered a situation i dont understand. i had E-hero grandmerge on the field equipped with Power of the Guardians. i attacked Chocolate Magician girl with it and my opponent summonend Dark Magician with its effect. grandmerge's his attack was halved and switch to Dark Magician, but because of PoG it survived. but after that every time i attacked with grandmerge, Power of the Guardians got counters on it but it didnt increase the attack of grandmerge anymore only the DEF. Does anyone know why?


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the ATK change may be permanent. as in, it becomes half its current ATK and... that's it. it stays there.
Yes i know why

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I keep lcimbing with vendreads
I bet this 2nd stage is going to be awesome because almost everyone is in quarantine.
Superheavy Samurais attack in def position.
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