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Hey, Will there be another "Dark" Carly Carmine and normal Carly Carmine event?. I'm new to Duel links (well 2 months). I really love her cards and game play. In the future I really hope to see more of her events, cards, spells and trap card become available. I missed out on the last Dark Carly Carmine event


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28days ago
Will you be able to get the cards from the previous event
FYI, regular Carly unlock event will come in march
Dark Carly Carmine has been added into the gate, just go to 5ds world and you can freely unlock her anytime now
iCarly is better anyways
Dark Signer Carly is coming to the gate in a few days, probably just after maintenance. So you can get her even if you never played her events.

Normal Carly should come back in a month or two, and hopefully she will be unlockable this time around. Her unlock event should be similar to Trudge's event early last year, the items have already been leaked (Investigation something) so it's just a matter of time.

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Can somebody please explain what is with Konami’s obsession with unlimiting broken cards. T...
Half of what you said is very specific. And even if you Floodgate it and destroy it, it will just...
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