BUG - Dragon's Mirror - Can't Use

Sometimes you can't activate this even though you have the necessary tributes in your field / and or graveyard. For example activating grass is greener on first turn, or after doing a synchro summon with two zombies and those 2 zombies in the graveyard. Yet for some reason on the next turn you can!?!!?!?


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It's not a Bug. It's a feature
probably because that one shiranui card that special summons specifically states you can only special summon ZOMBIE monsters that turn and not DRAGON monsters

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Well, gotta pray for next Main box be a Tiered Hero deck
"Effect monster is useless" This was a very nice joke. The other jokes are still goo...
Them using each other's cards is probable too. But their lv40 deck will most likely be th...
??? what are u saying? both zombies, both tuners and fire monsters duh!
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