Why the effect of Wind, fortune lady doesn’t work?

I summon normal Wind, fortune lady and sometimes I can destroy spell/trap cards but not always

17days ago


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17days ago
Because sometimes lady wind is in the mood, sometimes not. You need to seduce her beforehand so she submits to your demands, just like the nerds here who cant resist to repeat answers that were already said. Yes, im looking at you, Mr. Loser-king that got @@@ on the limit-2 amazoness Q&A thread.
17days ago
The number of FL monsters on your field (including Wind) must not exceed the number of S/T opponent controls.

For example, if you have a FL on the field and opponent only have 1 S/T on their field. If you normal summon Wind, you must destroy 2 S/T that opponent have, but since they only have 1, you don't get that option.

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play 3 neos then. KOG material
I've heard it's meta, even if I don't play it, it looks like f2p never left this g...
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