Can you play duel links on MacBook?

I try downloading duel links on my Mac but it just doesn’t work. Does anyone know a way I can downloaded?????

17days ago


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12days ago
No, i tried :(.
Only windows
13days ago
download it on steam you @@@
16days ago
You can even play it on your toaster.
16days ago
Stick the mac up ur aśs
17days ago
Yes, I can an error message, it says ''ya g4y''
17days ago
You can download it from the app store. It should work. Do you get any kind of error message?

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Superheavy Samurais attack in def position.
I don't think so. The biggest issue with GB is that they can't swarm the field quickly....
It works only on Sun Saga. Which is mostly turn 1 play, this card is bad.
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