Regaining Character Specific UR's

I didn't know what I was doing when I first started this game 2 months back so I sold Tea & Mako's UR's. Is there a way to get them back (besides spending weeks painfully collecting small amounts of keys to farm the characters from the gate)?


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to add to my previous statement. If you don't have friends (rip) just post your duelist ID and people can add you, and get in discord, teamspeak, w/e and let you know when they have the card so you can exchange it.
Your best bet is to go into a friendly duel with someone who has the cards and use exchange (rare card from joey) to get the card and summon/use it. You can use autonomous action unit to summon them from their graveyard just dueling them, but its easier to exchange, plus you can get them all done in a single duel.
I needed an UR gem for Riryoku and I sold Ishizu's. Now I wasted thousands of keys and I dont get it yet... On the other hand I have 7 Dark wizards..........
Unfortunately defeating Tea and Mako at level 30 or 40 is the only way to obtain the specific UR cards currently.
Mako UR is shit
its not a big deal. u have to farm them anyway.

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