Card that flips attack and defense

Hi All, i've been farming Joey L40 for quite a while trying to get shield and sword but i have had no luck...

Is there any other card in the current card pool i can use to flip either 1 monster or every monsters attack and defence?


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to farm kaiba reliably....
the monster im wanting to switch is specifically labyrinth wall.
the monster im wanting to switch is specifically labyrinth wall.
"Weapon Change" only for warrior or machine monster tho..
"Reverse Trap" only works for subtracts/adds
I can only think of these two atm. In what situation are you planning to use that card

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temple of the mind's eye and Backup squad combo farm;
Great minds think a like because that's the exact same thing I did earlier! Lol
So, 3x Kaibaman 2x Blue Dragon Summoner 1x Gravekeeper's Vassal 1x fusion substitute mon...
anti magic arrows works for a turn if you don't like cursed seal
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