Do gems expire in inbox?

I have 9995 gems and have 500 sitting in my inbox. I leveled up almost all my characters to level 35. Will those gems expire if I got claim them?


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I am so jealous of you right now.
It usually shows an expire date
Gems don't earn interest and could be helping you get cards to win duels. Spend some and stop worrying about reaching a limit.
On the "expire" question, I don't think you meant the literal expiration when they'll be removed from your Gift Box if you don't claim them (displayed when looking at your Gift Box). Your question is what happens when you redeem Gift Box gems you cannot "carry"... That I'd guess is that you lose the excess. Stop worrying and spend some gems.
You have about a month before they expire. I have had 9999 gems and over 7,000 in the inbox. I opened tons of packs the day before the first gems began to expire.
I don't see why you'd keep them waiting though. Is the limit 9999?
Yes, it tells you though
Yes. Usually it tells you how long it will sit before expiration

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