Why does Rose Lover's immune to trap effect not work against Sea Steath attack

I used Rose lover to special summon Talaya and she got the boot from S.S. Attack. How tho? Isn' Talaya entitled to one free pass against traps when summoned this way? (Side not, I think it's teribble that Talaya herself does not benefit from her own damn card effect)


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You are aware Rose Lover only makes the monster immune to Traps during the turn you Summon it, right? It doesn't make it immune to traps beyond that point.
I think it is a bug too, unless there is some sort of obscure ruling or something... I believe this isn't that first time that SSA worked against a monster summoned by Rose Lover (on the same turn).
You should be immune with rose lover for that turn.
So if you were not its probably a bug.
If there aren't any other factors then it's most likely a bug. Possibly that Talaya is coded such that she can *always* be destroyed by card effects herself. And therefore the game ignores the fact that she's supposed to be immune to traps that turn.
maybe a bug

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