Restart on spell books

Is is worth using restart on a spell book deck(not grass) post skil nerf

24days ago


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17days ago
I've been experimenting with restart and I've noticed since the nerfin it's not bad just must be played with extreme caution for instance with my deck I choose only to restart if i have no spell/trap cards in hopes not to pull my millers effect monsters out fukin up my deck. Also I've noticed how there's a bigger chance of pullin cards in opposite to how's you be wanting to pull them like the cards ud rather wait to get u end up pullin first it's more of a knoe ur deck and what u more then likely will get upon restart or instead ur next draw phase ur choice be cautious
21days ago
It is probably one of the few viable deck that can still use restart for now without losing much advantage.

As for me, since I personally really hate to skip draw phase, I'm using Destiny Draw instead. (Regardless whether normal or grass version)

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