Talaya and her effect

Talaya and M.Insect Queen suffer the same problem against cards like wall of disruption and mirror wall. Why are their effects are not activated. Why? Both monsters offer protection from **card effects** that means trap, spell and monster effect right? The common argument is that the named traps "do not target." But the thing is they do! Mirror wall targets attacking monsters only and w.o.d targets attack position monsters only. So Talaya and M. Insect Queen: their effects should activate. So why don't they??


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MW and WoD apply an effect that doesnt target.

Yes, your monster cards say 'cant be destroyed by card effects'

but the effect of MW and WoD isnt ''Destroy a card'', it's ''Reduce ATK''.

Your low ATK monsters that attacked a higher ATK monster are therefore destroyed by BATTLE and not by card effects
The cards actually don't target. Only when the card text says "target" does the card target. For example tribute to the doomed says "discard one card, then target one monster and destroy it"
it is a shame, but our ladys cant be played right now because spellbooks and amazonnes that can banish with out giving target, but just wait Meta is always shifting, yeah im talking about inzektors ( using cocoon ultra evo will be very easy, so you will just need some backrow rage cards)
mirror wall and wod do not target
mirror wall and wod do not target
What are you talking about? Targeting effect literally mentions "target" in their text. And Talaya only protects from DESTRUCTION by card effects. Even if you're referring to destruction after MW/WoD, it's caused by BATTLE.
They do not target.

The effect applies to attacking monters/attack position monsters but not through the targeting mechanic.

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First midfielder = you can forget about it If you are f2p or softcore player, I suggest variet...
No, still works at 1000LP or less, it's such a broken ability with the cards that are out now.
Effect that applies to monsters on the field, disappear when that monster is removed from the field.
I dunno why these folks have to pay to get a decent deck. Can't they try to play something ...
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