cheap farming deck?

Hi, im only at level 25 currently i use cerberus deck but a lot of times i die at the with one hit without being able to use the skill. i tried to get the unhappy deck, but i spended 2500 gems and only got 1 unhappy girl. So i want to know if thre is any cheap farming deck?


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Try and unlock Draw Sense: Light, and put 3 Javelins and a Golden Apples if you have it

Also Unhappy Girl seems to be rarer than most of the Ultras and Supers in the pack; I remember blowing through 150 packs before I had a playset

Be prepared to go in deep for that card and Rai Mei - Very useful once you have them but man is that a tough bar to reach
yep, use draw sense:light instead it only triggers by 1500 dmg instead of 1800
use (cerberus) with (light draw sense)skill
Farm with cerb:

Very easy: Rex
Easy: Odion, Weevil and Tea
Medium: Yugi and Joey
Hard: Mako and Mai
Impossible: Kaiba, ishizu, and bandit

You may try another cheap deck which is victory viper, you only need to buy 3 viper 3 spell support (sorry forgot the name) and 2-3 riryoku, no need for other, just check on youtube
Try having the paradox bros, and to unlock their skill Lab Builder
do you have any javellin? then how many? i recommend getting 3 for a high chance, i used 3 tho. but sometimes i fail because when i didn't have at starting.

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If you are dealing with a weak deck, then that would be your play till you win. But against most ...
Easiest Cyber End Dragon that guarantees a win: 3x Cyber Dragon 3x Cyber Dragon Zwei 3x Cyber ...
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