Enemy Controller drop rate?

Somebody gimme luck!, i've farmed kaiba lvl30/40 with DA of 5-6k since late Jan until now and still havent gotten a single enemy controller. Anybody here has the drop rate list or something?


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Once got 3 Battle Ox in one pack, only sitting on one Enemy Controller

There's nothing you can do about it, just keep farming and pray
So basically you've been missing out on 2-3 rewards for each duel. You probably could have gotten one by now if you were scoring 8k.
it's just luck man,nothing else
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You should try 8k DA, of course it's better than 6k DA, it's not hard by using dimension gate, just try harder buddy :)
yep just do rankeds. i started doing rankeds a week ago and already collected 2 SR tickets (60 wins) .. its not that hard. especially with a low budget naturia build. just buy lots of dawn of destiny packs and useful traps/magic cards and you're set. was able to get myself to gold1 with naturia deck in one sitting (used dragonic force deck till ~silver 4)
Nobody has that answer unless they truly tapped into the game's drop rate system, which i'm willing to bet nobody has so far. Any kind of calculation posted from just about anybody is pure speculation. You can choose to believe it but all it is is nonsense numbers and probably also based on their experiences too.

Simple answer is to keep farming. It sucks and that's what this game is about. Sooner or later you'll ragequit this game like the rest of us because the grinding is just too much. Face the facts, that's how this game is and that's how this game will fall.
the easy way is to exchange sr tickets in the arena, or keep's all about rng
sometimes it pays to lose rounds here and there. I got mine when I lost
Don't know how many times you really farm him because starting or playing time doesn't indicate game played. But I can tell you it takes much afford without luck. You must really farm keys/trade white keys and a lot of farm Kaiba. What's lv30 for, skip them completely and find a way to get 8000 scores with lv40.

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