which pvp rewards should i get?N,R and SR's.

14days ago


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7days ago
The meta right now is red eyes! Get red-eyes spirit and red-eyes insight!
For quick lvl up to LoG.

But most decks uses enemy controler... so take that too
12days ago
Get perfect Ultimate Great Moth because it is the strongest monster among LD rewards, with its high attack it can destroy any card
13days ago
Enemy controller, Champi9n Vigilance, Supremacy Berry, Ishizu and Odion for GK decks, Rare Metmorph for toon barrel dragon s deck
14days ago
The current meta is those stupid red-eyes spirit cards and champ vigilance. And red eyes spirit can only be dropped from Super Joey I believe. So it might be valuble to pick them up cause its too difficult to get them outside of the tickets if Super joey not around. Kaiba can be farmed with pandora for those econs and champ vigilence. I'm in same boat as you. I dont wanna jump on the red eyes band wagon like every other loser but its just so hard to beat that deck.
14days ago
I have no idea about N.

Get dinos in R. They are the basis of a standart Rex deck. Might be useful to grind him.

In SR this is more tricky many cards are good. But ennemy controler is a must atm. You can't go wrong with Econ.
14days ago
Enemy controller

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What i meant is, he can michizure early. He did that to my lab. Further more if u kill all wit...
I wait you Asuka
Judai and Edo have right now Very good cards. Manjoume only ojama king.
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