Not being able to attack during main phase????

Has anyone experienced this Bug? It's happened 3 times now during my main phase that the option to attack is completely gone!


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Same. Destiny heroes can't do jack
I went up against the vagabond who was using a Fur Hire deck and no matter what monsters I summoned, I couldn’t do anything in any of my battle phases. The whole duel was literally just throwing down cards and instantly ending my turn, my DM was on the field for a solid 3 or 4 turns and I still could never attack, nor could any of my new monsters, and the vagabond didn’t have any backrow??
Likely after using effects such as Ties Of Bretheren.
Some say he's still waiting for the option to attack to this day...
Well, I was going to ridicule you for this when you first posted it because you can only attack during the BATTLE PHASE (imbecile), but do you mean that the "Change Phase Battle" button doesn't appear during the Main Phase (see the pic)? Or do you mean that while you're in the Battle Phase, you can't attack? Please be specific.
some effects, such as harpie lady 3, prevent you from using that monster to battle for the next 2 turns. it could be that.
You can only attack during your Battle Phase. The Main Phase is for summoning and setting, playing Spells and the like.

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