Damage Step

How i know what card get damage step pop up ?
fo example mirror wall get damage step pop up activation and super rush headlong did not get damage step pop up activation


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You can't activate Super Rush Headlong in the Damage Step in the first place.

"auto" will give you the prompt for anything you can activate in the Damage Step (and usually not in the Battle Step, even though you can activate cards like Rush Recklessly or Mirror Wall there too) since the Damage Step is usually the better place to activate things if possible. (Less things can be activated there, so they can't counter your Mirror Wall with something like a Cosmic Cyclone or Enemy Controller.)
damage step pop up shows on cards that has ATK/DEF increase/decrease or others effects that has to o with battle specifically, super rush is one but if you want to see the pop up you have to activate a button that is close to left-down corner, and set YES
anything dealing with ATK/DEF +/-

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