How to get the 3rd destiny hero celestial

How can I get it

29days ago


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15days ago
20days ago
Do a flip
23days ago
I think someone is intentionally trying to bait the people who typically get pissed off at these sort of dumb questions.
but in case.. this isn't a troll bait..
the answer has already been explained here, moron.
26days ago
Summon gazelle in defense mode and then econ it to take control of dark sage in a pvp match against someone from jordan or libya on the 13th turn while your lp is 4650
28days ago
Buy another of the Destiny Rulers Deck.

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What time on April 26 is the Marik event ending?

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Who was who called back yami marik during' unleash egyptian god event'?

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29days ago

How to get 3 card of destiny hero

How to get 3 card of celestial dangerous or Trinity
29days ago

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29days ago

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AI Stuck?

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It is so cute!
They should make an alternate version of GX where Aster is the main character instead. He would c...
If you're not using Treacherous Trap Hole then Divine Wrath or Ultimate Providence are prett...
to fusion summon twin headed thunder dragon and have gravekeepers vassal gain another 2800atk wit...
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