Bug related to opponent controlled effect monsters

On a handful of occasions, tapping on an opponent's effect monster during their turn has caused the "activate effect" button to appear beneath the card's information box. This is not just a visual bug, because the last time it happened (with my opponent's Snipe Hunter) I decided to see what would happen if I tapped the button. Snipe Hunter's effect was actually triggered, and I had to choose a card to target. The game rolled a die, but fortunately it didn't come up as a 1 or 6. tl;dr you can sometimes activate an opponent's effect monster during their turn as if you had control of that monster, which is most certainly a bug.

28days ago


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27days ago
No you can't. Actually the enemy already activated the effect. It will still activate regardless you press that or not. The reason why you see it still hasn't activated the effect is all because of the lag / delay.

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