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Has anyone experienced extremely terrible luck with certain packs? Everything I wanted in generation next (floodgate, king of the swamp) came literally in the last 2 packs I opened, and now when I'm opening galactic origin, I'm almost done with the pack, and I haven't gotten a single Lacquari, impenetrable attack, saffira or cosmic cyclone, and instead keep getting shitty neo-spacians, elemental heroes and allies of justice. ffs this is ridiculous. Meanwhile I already have 2 copies of draining shield and 3 of WoD. Is this to do with some preset bias in the RNG?


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XD neo-spacians are cool
got my wall of disruption on the 79th pack -_-
Every time i need one card it will be the bottom of the box.
Dude sometimes drop rates are terrible and you shouldn't get frustrated at it ( I spend 2000 gems just to get another copy of massive morph ...regret the decision). Instead try buying cards at a different instance, like after a PvP duel or something ( it helped me get my 2nd komushroomo)
Once, it took me half an entire big box to get 1 copy of an N card I wanted to get just to complete a collection.
No surprise. I think we get manipulated with the rates, dont u ever have the feeling they can read your mind? I do as others i have seen. Anyway i uninstalled the game yesterday, im done. playing ffxiv online now :)
you don't?
same here with gishki chain, mystic piper and shpere kuriboh
Pretty normal.
because you touch yourself at night

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