Dr. Vellian Crowler Mission

What card can I use to inflict 2000+ points of effect damage with a single effect activation to unlock Dr. Vellian Crowler?

28days ago


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28days ago
Elemental flame wingman with Skyscraper activated can take down ancient gear golem. Even without skyscraper, taking down a ancient gear beast causes 2000 burn damage, so fusion wingman and take down beast. Good luck!

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is there a card that puts removed from play back into the graveyard or deck?

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when is the nex box release date?

when is the nex box release date?



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Why are you recommending Slifer Tethys OTK here, but not against Bandit Keith, Ishizu Ishtar and ...
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Slifer Tethys OTK is the farm deck to choose against Ishizu.
Slifer Tethys OTK is the best farm deck I've found against Bakura.
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