PvP Hacking ? Auto-Loose

Few minute ago i start a pvp duel and before my last attak to win i got a Time Loose (counter was at ~150sec) ....


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19hour ago
Japanese players are cancer as if they would gain anything by cheating. Stupid Konami is just being lenient to them just because they are from the same race. This is why the U.S. drop two atomic bombs for their stupidity.
19hour ago
The same goes for me too but this time people in Kog are using it. Idk why they are still using the cheat even though they won't gain any rank :/
1days ago
Had an issue against a guy in Plat 3 where he was using a ninja deck vs my gladiator deck. 3rd turn my go pop impenetrable attack to attack one of his ninjas and as soon as i use my trap in battle mode it passes turn to him without me attacking.... lose that turn and lose the game immediately... WHAT THE FUCK! what the hell is the purpose of ranked games if this BULLSHIT keeps happening?!?!?! anyone else experience this issue where you go into attack and it passes your turn?
have the battle saved just in case...
His name: Geriants
duelist ID is 702-239-305


Literally just got back on after a couple of hours faced off against Yami Yugi had my Gladiator beast laquari out on the field 2100 plug gladiator beast bestiari 1500 took out the only monster on his field connection error happens then I lose the game. SO FUCKING DONE WITH THIS BULLSHIT! dont spend money on this broken piece of shit!
his name: Hunter61
Duelist ID is: 634-115-301
1days ago
1days ago
Months later this keeps happening in plat+. Konami is good when it comes to milk their playerbase but they don't do anything when it comes to stuff like this. Quite pathetic if you ask me
It's happened at the start of the duel - you say strange.
It's happened after you play a long while - you say strange.

I'm also face this issue when I don't use 1st grade internet. As other anon says, you disconnect from Konami server not too long and Konami will judge that you lose. People can hack to see card but they can't just cut your connection -*-
It's a modified apk. Usually they get caught and that lose is removed from your ranked duel history
Simple Solution: Stop using McDonalds Wifi
There are 2 time counters. One for the game (180 seconds at the beginning), and the other which starts when you lose net connection. That second counter times out after 5-10 seconds or so. So better play on WIFI!
I also had similar experiences. Also some people can even see you hand.

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Can this effect be used even on ur opponents turn when they attack u ?
This is an extremely idiotic comment. this is meant for beginners and people who dont want to spe...
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