PvP Hacking ? Auto-Loose

Few minute ago i start a pvp duel and before my last attak to win i got a Time Loose (counter was at ~150sec) ....


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25days ago
It's happened at the start of the duel - you say strange.
It's happened after you play a long while - you say strange.

I'm also face this issue when I don't use 1st grade internet. As other anon says, you disconnect from Konami server not too long and Konami will judge that you lose. People can hack to see card but they can't just cut your connection -*-
26days ago
It's a modified apk. Usually they get caught and that lose is removed from your ranked duel history
28days ago
Simple Solution: Stop using McDonalds Wifi
29days ago
There are 2 time counters. One for the game (180 seconds at the beginning), and the other which starts when you lose net connection. That second counter times out after 5-10 seconds or so. So better play on WIFI!
29days ago
I also had similar experiences. Also some people can even see you hand.
29days ago
its not a glitch. its happened just as the attack that would get me the win was about to go through as well as if the duel just goes on for a while.
29days ago
Just happened again. All you can really do is block them.

May as well mention them here or on a specific page:

Duelist ID 089-503-211
30days ago
I think it's more likely a glitch. I sometimes randomly win for no reason as well as lose.
30days ago
Asian disconnect technique: you didn't do anything for few seconds then booom, you get this "connection failed" bullcrap.

This is the reason I instant block whoever that using japanese name.
31days ago
Seen that too. Although that was quite a while ago.
Super annoying.

Does anyone else have the following i have seen increase last couple months?

Game starts.
Duel is playing.
You are near winning.
Game disconnects.
You get duel loss after getting back in.

Seems suspicious as it basically does not happen when I am losing.

Also seen disconnects when the match hasnt loaded yet I get a duel loss

All seems strange to me as I live at a hotspot so my connection is great and i dont have such disconnect issues outside this game.

If it would happen rarely i wouldnt care that much but it happens often. As in multiple times in an evening playing.

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