Best pack to open ?

I'm 100% F2P. Got every good card out of every pack except Echoes of silence and Electric Overload... I haven't touched those two packs at all. I've opened Dawn of Destiny to get multiple Super rush and Nepthys. I'm currently using a red eyes deck. I have 2 Wyvern and 3 of every card I need for a dominant red eyes deck. Do you guys think I should keep pulling for 3rd Wyvern or open a new pack ?? And if so which one ?


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Dawn of Destiny. By FAR (imo). Keep re-rolling until you get lucky. You'll get a phoenix deck with a little luck and if not, then BAM you'll have yourself a naturia beatdown deck! :D (pic is from decent re-roll attempt)
The core of the deck is having 3 Gozukis, Wyvern is not that necessary; 2 is the perfect amount trust me! Last 2 seasons I went KOG with RE Zombie with only 2 Wyvern (in one season I out only 1 in the deck), what really matters is Gozuki
Get 3 watapon asap.
I'm also in the same situation as you. IMO Try to get the third wyvern, if you already had 3 gozuki's. then, try to get at least 2 of Super Rush Headlong. And i think, you'll also can build a naturia deck by doing that. After that, you can build either Ice Barrier or Ninja Deck, those also are a good decks. Hope it helps.

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