Best deck for each character?

Just curious, say something like Naturia Beatdown with Kaiba or Magnet Warrior Last Gamble with Joey. What about the other minor characters like Odion, Ishizu or Bakura?


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Odion: Chain Reaction Burn
Ishizu: No mortal can resist psychic
Bakura , Dark Necrofear deck
Mako , Hammer Shark deck
It really varies. Field spell skills obviously are going to get you to use certain kinds of monsters but other abilities may be a lot more versatile. Labyrinth Builder for example can be used in literally any deck to keep you from bricking first turn.
ishizu fairy deck otk with skill fairy smile check

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Benefit of lvl 40 legendary duelists?

Rewards seem to be the same as lvl30...just mire expensive

I'm afraid that i lost my account...

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Can you guys update the Sylvan Ra farm deck for the ban list? Since it's either we have to r...
That EX Stamina rolling in the Benjamins by the truckload!!
they keep splashing E heroes in every box.. i pity the poor souls who want to have fun with this...
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