Reset trick to get UR or SR card from pack?

Reset box immediately after get any UR or SR card in first pack or in 5!!?
is this trick really profitable? can this trick using to get 3 UR card (Mirror Wall for Example) with only 15k gem or maybe 10k??


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25days ago
If you reset the box when you get an UR you will be spending more gems to obtain the cards you need. In other words you have to finish the box more than 3 times. It is advisable to reset the box when you get all UR cards. In my opinion that's a MUST.
25days ago
Yes, it is. If only a few card is good and you got them fast. Just reset it. It's just normal prob/math. But don't reset if you got nothing for example useless SR as many youtuber suggest. You have no magic.
29days ago
Its working if you super ultra lucky, otherwise you need to spend 24k gems to have 3 mirror wall
30days ago
Are people really this naive? You really think Konami would allow something like this?
30days ago
lmao good luck. risky bisky
31days ago
sure , u can
31days ago
yes it's worked.
31days ago

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