Need help for my Atmosphere deck!

This is the deck that carried me to plat1 from silver1 in 40 wins. However, my winrate is barely %50+ in plat.
The deck does a great job against cancerous decks like ice barrier, naturia or hammershark but i lost to almost everyone who runs sergeant electro or champ's vigilance. What cards should i replace to perform better against current meta decks?


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Once you make all the previous changes I mentioned. You should be at 39 cards in your deck.

Next, I recommend adding 1 trap card.

The trap card I recommend is one of the following Mirror Wall, FloodGate Trap Hole, Inspiration, or Half Counter.

The reason I would add 1 of these cards is because some decks now a days immune to spells.

The decks such as Horus or Silent Magician for example!

They are unaffected by spells so you want to have some trap back up support in order to make your deck diverse.

Those decks I mention above are not immune to monster effects so your Atmosphere can try to steal them!

However, I do think adding 1 more trap can help you in case you don't get Atmosphere right away!
The deck your playing is called Venus Control.

The Atmosphere is 1 Boss monsters out of several others which have been used in conjunction with a Venus Control deck.

Other Boss monsters which have been used are Dark Magician Girl, Sky Scourge Enrise, and Knight of the Red Lotus.

As for your deck list, I recommend having 12 monsters.

I recommend dropping Dunames for temporary!

The reason why is because in lower ranked duels players use Power of Dark a lot.

Dunames loses attack due to the field spell.

When you get into gold+ ranking, You can add back Dunames and take out 1 of the vanilla fiend monsters Gil or the Genie.

I recommend replacing Order To Charge for Super Rush Head Long.

A long time ago players used OTC, They use it on the shine balls to kill opponents monster.

This strategy was very good, but since the early days of the game new cards have been released!

You don't need to kill your shine balls any more.

You can use SRHL on your shine balls which will help them kill opponents monster!

And the benefit is you keep the shine ball on field for Atmosphere!


Yes, speed is important but i have way too much cards to protect my board. I summon atmosphere a little bit late compared to other ATM decks but that is why anti magic arrows here. Summon ATM, absorb opponent's monster, use anti magic arrows and game over... I put 2 fiend beaters because in silver-gold, there are just too much power of dark beater decks. Since i don't need em anymore, changing them to white elephant's gift is ok i guess. Thanks for advice.

I choose AMA over OTS since it can be used the turn you draw and it REALLY screws up opponent's setup. And even in plat+, people always wait for battle phase to activate their quick-plays and removals. I think this card is really underrated.
I don't know if im good but im not experienced at all. It is the first time i rushed ladder since i really wanted that 2 parsaths.
but anyways, even if you are a good player dont expect too much with atmosphere+venus. its a combo deck so its not gonna be super consistent. i got to legend with venus+lotus last season but i have 3 heavy knight so the im not screwed even if i dont open with venus+white elephant gift/OTC.
how many turns does it usually require for you to summon atmosphere currently? and when you do get to summon him do you usually win? imo speed is very important for any decks with venus engine. i would try to keep the monster to spell/trap ratio close to 1:1 if possible, and replace he 2 dark fiend monsters with white elephant gift as they dont really help you get atmosphere to the field faster. i might replace one anti magic arrow with order to smash so you can remove your opponents backrow even when ur not ready to go all out.
i think the problem in your deck are " spell and trap cards " !
Last sentence was supposed to be "14 cards to drop and use atmosphere lol." my bad...
Thanks for the answers guys. I like Econ cuz i can tribude shine ball to take your opponent's summoned monster at opponent's turn, which both puts one monster to graveyard and lefts my opponent with one monster to absorb with atmosphere at my turn. But im open minded so i will try Elephant's gift and see if it does better.

Also how it isn't a Atmosphere deck? It has literally every tool you can use to create a scenario to summon and use atmosphere efficiently. 2 kuriboh, 3 venus and 3 ball, 2 econ, 2 OtC and 2 anti magic arrows. 14 total cards helps to drop atmosphere lol.
I would drop one of the Econs to make room for a White Elephant's Gift.
try making space for white elephant gift. you will be able to skim through your deck faster. but then again maybe a regular venus+ lotus will be more consistent especially against other top meta decks (venus is not 1st tier). I played venus last season and got from gold to legend, then had to switch to bugged sphinx in order to get to kog.

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