Time limit loss

So I've heard of the ranked exploit where people can take their time to use a spell or trap and waste your turn time. But I just lost a Gold 3 game because of a time limit loss.....on the opponents turn..

How do I get a time limit loss when it's not even my turn?


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dude just contact konami instead not here lol
Ok, I didn't get a time limit loss but I did get another BS loss.
I have no activatable cards on my opponents turn, they summon a monster.
"Duel Loss"
I didn't do anything, I can't even surrender on my opponents turn
What I don't understand is how I am able to get a time limit loss on my turn when there was still like, over 100 seconds left. Is this a cheat or a glitch?
acctually, when you enter the game, they will you 200 seconds to perform your move. They will not reset your time when activate a trap or spell during your opponent turn, they will decrase rapidly instead. At your turn, they will give you 30 more seconds so if you want to waste time and troll your opponent, play it quick so you will get more and more time. I offen play like and that and when i see I cannot win, I will do nothing, not end my turn. My opponent cannot wait and they quit the game lolol.
Apparently i just surrendered a battle before i even touched my phone? it was against SoldierofGod ID:105-950-212
Its a glitch, my friend randomly lost that way to me when we faced each other, and neither of us use mods.
It could be a bug/glitch. It could be a cheater. However, one legitimate way to lose like this is if its your opponent's turn and one of their actions triggers YOUR card effects, it will prompt you to respond. This counts legitimately as YOUR time and so the timer goes down. You can waste your time this way and take a time limit loss.

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