How to unlock Obelisk the Tormentor?

How would I unlock Obelisk the Tormentor?

I already possess Slifer the Sky Dragon (through Yami Yugi) and Winged Dragon of Ra (through beating Yami Marik Level 50 during the 'Unleash the Egyptian God Card' event).
How would I obtain Obelisk the Tormentor to complete the set?

29days ago


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20hour ago
I dont know but in an event that was before some weeks yami yugi summuned obelisk and all the others with a skill
2days ago
Do you think the’ll make an obelisk event?
5days ago
that is a separate event you have to wait for the next event
10days ago
How can you get obelisk
10days ago
How can you get obelisk
14days ago
18days ago
I know
20days ago
You need to delete your account and buy an iPhone, Obelisk is only available for iPhone users.
21days ago
my guess is they will not make obelisk unlockable because he is too powerful. unlike slifer and ra, he doesnt depend on cards/LP or on a skill. he is a 4000 atk main deck monster that can be normal or special summoned and is almost fully immune to card effects. only drawback is he requires 3 tributes and if special summoned hes destroyed. if they do add obelisk to the game, they'll probably take away the text that says "cannot be targeted be spells, traps, or card effects".
21days ago
you can't

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