Guys do you think Jaden from GX as a playable character would make fusions relevant?


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^We'll see what skills can he offer. Maybe he can have Fusion skill that involves Contact Fusion etc.
you guys would like to spend three cards to summom an E-hero frame wingman or something like that yeah? After you summon you are about to hit Sonic duck then got kicked by Mirror wall or OTC and then all you guys do just rage quit
in my opinion yes. I would be disappointed if he did not have skills to support fusion, seeing as fusion summon is his main plot armor in the anime lol.

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Looks like I need to hire this boy in the current meta. Give him a moment to shine, he'll sa...
Instead of doing "Serious" Chazz again, what we need is roaming event for the lovely As...
Fur hire probably kills all current meta decks.
This is Zane when you tell him that he is coming to duel links for good. And...YES IT WILL FINALL...
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