Exodia Incarnate: deck recipe

Any card which prevents return monster from GY to hand?
Incarnate is unaffected by card effects, so it'll ignore things like Necrovalley. Your only real option is to remove them from the Graveyard yourself.
<< Anonymous
I think Soul Release will do then
<< Anonymous(-)
Thanks for info sir :D
I'll try twist this deck for some fun
I believe they need to be in the GY for Incarnate to get the ATK boost; Soul Release would straight up eliminate your primary winning condition.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Thanks for reminding, I just rereading and it's like what you said. Maybe using a card that prevent monsters from GY to hand is only option,but I don't know any of these card. The above comment mentioned about Necrovalley but I want to know about other cards.


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