Elements Unite! farm deck for Arkana Level 40

THIS DECK 🔥ING SUCKS! I LOST TURN 2 due to Arkana using infected mail on his double coston!!!! This DECK IS FAKE NEWS! 0/0 do NOT recommend.
Tiernan Adel
Do not expect to win every time, chill-lax geesh. These decks are meant to help and are not guaranteed 100%, its called a challenge for a reason.
Are you dumb? This decks are for lv40 Arkana, infected mail is in the deck of lv30 Arkana. Your mistake.
Arcana lv40 doesn't have infected mail in his deck. This deck is only working with lv40
Pappas Franz
Are you 🔥ing 🔥ed?! This deck is uses specifically to farm lvl40 arkana, Arkana has infected mail and endoplasmer to murk your 🔥 turn 1. Please learn how to read you 🔥ing 🔥
<< Anonymous(Pappas Franz)
Understandable have a a nice day
How does it feel to be a moron?
<< Anonymous(Pappas Franz)
Please learn to not be an edgelord xD
<< Anonymous(Pappas Franz)
please learn how to spell 🔥ing school shooter
no one said to use this deck against lv30 Arkana you dumabass.. jeez...
This is to farm ONLY arkana level 40, it doesn't work on 30. Learn how to read


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