How to beat/farm Aster Phoenix Lvl 40

draw sense:earth draw planet pathfinder to find fusion gate draw sense:water replace planet pathfinder+fusion gate with 2 poly draw king of the swamp to find poly
Has it worked well with you?
<< Anonymous
very well!! only activate fusion gate if u are sure he will not be able to normal summon anymore(he has 0 monsters on field and u only lock 2 zones), because he can also fusion summon using ur fusion gate
<< Anonymous
Don't you need the Ojama Field spell for this to work? Because as it is, its a troll deck. :|
<< Anonymous
The sword and shield card serves this purpose as it affects all monsters on the field.
Super inconsistent, 9/10 times are bum draws because there’s not enough search power for the fusions



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At the very least at least it will make certain cards useable towards others cards, since you don...
Agree! Egyptian saga was the absolute best !
In the very beginning, I was stupid and thought I could get everything. Now I just mostly stick t...
There will need to be a special skill to make this card even remotely usable.
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