Morphtronic: deck recipe

Dkayed's build : 3x Scopen 3x Celfon 3x Slingen 2x Radion 1x Smartfon 3x Accelerator 3x Axe of Despair 1x Double Tool C&D 1x Treacherous Trap Hole Extra Deck 3x Power Tool Dragon
show image!!! no one will read this!!!!
Dkayed will upload it later on youtube
Why Axe of Despair though? Mage power are better
<< Anonymous
No one would want to squint on a small image you idiot, this is better.

Also this is literally just a little of text. If you think no one will read this then maybe you're too lazy to be alive.
If your going to place in Smartfon, you should also place in a lvl 8 synchro monster into extra deck also like Startdust dragon to protect Power Tool Dragon. Also, you should place in sword of deep-seated because its effect place it back on top of the deck when its sent to GY, which is a good combo for Power Tool Dragon's effect. Also might be a good idea to add Ancient Fairy Dragon.


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Stop talking about what you don't know. beside of us every other human looking things on the...
this skill is not broken but when used right it can tilt a duel, like when its in a lunalight dec...
Undeniable proof that this game is poorly worded trash.
cyber dragons are such a brainless deck, I mean all the power to you if you can't think for ...
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