Silent Swordsman Control: deck recipe

I guess every deck now is a control deck. I wonder do people really like using control deck or what.
Every deck? Koa'ki Meiru, Masked HERO, Vampire and Blue-Eyes are Aggressive and/or Combo decks.

This is a deck that revolves around disruptive effects and uses Silent Swordsman and Armades as winning conditions, that's why it's called "Control".
I don't really think japanese /eastern players enjoy control decks, (but I might be wrong of course); I believe most of the controlling decks are quite popular in the west since most of control freaks live here lol
<< Anonymous
Yes japaneses love combos deck, control is a type of deck only popular around here
<< Anonymous
A deck with synergies and combos is a true deck control deck sucks there's no synergy a great combo deck will beat p2w control but sadly konami limits them fast e.g fur/sylvan and silent swordsman can be used without a control deck Amazon still works take out sss
<< Anonymous(F2p)
Lovely Aster
I use it without SSS now. But is it too slow without amazoness princess to try it with SSS? What if I used amazoness spy?
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Lovely Aster
Edit: Eh, nevermind. I just beat 4 people because of the princess in this deck and two were koaki meiru, so now I probably don't want to try it without her.
<< Anonymous
To the guy who said: "Yes japaneses love combos deck, control is a type of deck only popular around here".

yeah, I couldnt agree more about that, but honestly... the dude who played the ultimate control deck at last kc cup was a Japanese player xD, thats... pretty interesting indeed.


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