Exodia Incarnate: deck recipe

Exo incarnate + power of guardian = ultimate stall
It's not like cosmic cyclone is in half of decks
Exodia is unaffected by all cards even your own...
Exo incarnate + power of guardian, then what?
If you don't have enough Forbidden pieces in your graveyard, all you got on the field is just a low ATK monster that is unaffected by effect but can be destroyed by battle.
Power of guardian can protect Exo incarnate temporarily, but it also can be destroyed or banished easily.
<< Anonymous
>Exo incarnate + power of guardian, then what?

Obviously stall and then "EXODIA OBLITERATE", huh? You could still get messed up by Cosmic Cyclone, Double Cyclone, Maximus and Reactor Dragon.

How do they exactly banish a Defense Position Exodia Incarnate? Onslaught? Spellbook of Fate? D.D. Assailant? Nope.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
I think the last word "it" he referred means Power of Guardian, not Exodia Incarnate.
Exodia Incarnate + Power of Guardian is not powerful like Six Samurai Shi En + Power of Guardian, since there's nothing to prevent your Power of Guardian from destruction/banishment.
Once Power of Guardian is destroyed/banished, Exodia Incarnate is just a low stats monster.
And the fact that you put Power of Guardian into your deck will makes the drawing engine less consistent.
"Unaffected by any cards' effects" so equip cards are useless on it.
<< Anonymous
>"Unaffected by any cards' effects" so equip cards are useless on it.
It's still protected by Power of the Guardians. I did test it before writing this article.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
My guess for why that happens:

1. Placing counters is not treated as something that directly affects the target. Therefore, the "unaffected" part does not apply, as it wasn't directly affected by anything to begin with. As a result, counters can be placed on ExoInca.
2. The effect of PotG that protects from destruction, is the effect of PotG, it has nothing to do directly with ExoInca itself.


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that dialogue is coming in a few weeks
Like the previous dude, I got my 1st and 2nd Circle in my 3rd pack. Then my 3rd Circle in my 15th...
That’s how we all know you’re full of crap. You don’t get KoG with pure F2P dec...
If it’s chained it’s ineffective, if it’s after the fact it’s ineffective...
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