How to beat/farm Sylvio Sawatari Lvl 40

Wow! Sawatari Lvl 40 is as hard as Edo/Aster to farm. See he has 5 annoying cards: breakthrough skill, AS - fantasy magic, AA - leading lady, AS - abode of the fire dragon and mobius. Lunalight farm can avoid breakthrough but not for vassal itself also if we destroy his set cards, you know the rest abyss actor is archetype that gains benefit if their set s/t got destroyed. I tried gravekeeper's farm but fantasy script get rid of my fusion to extra deck despite I'm not worried about mobius since it cannot destroy my field if I control the fusion. I think dark magician farm is the best. Because you have so many negate in dark cavalry and magician navigation. Lots of his s/t do target before it resolves. Also dm circle banish, so the effect of his s/t won't be triggered. I haven't try farm Sawatari with this but it's consistent against espa roba. List: GK Vassal Secret pass to treasure Union attack x2 Dark magician x3 Magician's rod Dark magical circle 2-3x Magician's navigation x2 Eye of timaeus Magician of dark illusion Chocolate magician girl. The rest can be anything to disrupt Sawatari monster like canadia, book of moon, floodgate th Keep destroying his monster so he can't tribute summon mobius to destroy your circle. A bit expensive deck but hope this help.
Just play you pvp deck with "united we stand" at this point, easy "before turn 5" win with 5000 atk, so 8 reward with x2.
or 5-6 reward with x1 you could use extra reward for another.
<< Anonymous
Wait-- PvP? Farm Sawatari in ranked/casual duel? What do you mean? There's Sawatari for sure but it's real player just like us not the one using pure abyss actor deck and drop rewards is different, you know.
<< Anonymous(Candend)
He meant farm Sawatari (at the gate), using PvP deck.
Pretty sure the one with "United We Stand" is usually used to farm skill in PvP, not to climb.

deck list:
any level 4 beater
United We Stand x3
Mage Power
Power of the Guardians
White Veil
Golden Castle of Stromberg

<< Anonymous(Cannotdstart)
I mean playing any pvp deck that summon a ton like harpie, resonance .etc

Just throw in 3 united we stand and done,


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