Dragunity Synchro: deck recipe [Jan 2020 Updated]

Zera The Mant
The OTK potential in this deck is completely unreal wtf man ! and divine lance makes the synchro big guy immune to traps. What a crazy powerhouse !
RIP anti-meta
Dragunity is the probably the BEST OTK deck right now, because it doesn't rely on traps like masked heroes do.
You just need to send the red dragon from field to graveyard, destroy Tenkabito and OTK ! Crazy.
<< Anonymous(RIP anti-meta)
Dragunity is op
I run 1 TTH, 1 trunade and 2 cyclones + the tie that binds and Vaj gets 4000 atk for that fast OTK. No regrets so far.
<< Anonymous(Dragunity is op)
What's tth
<< Anonymous
tth stands for Treacherous Trap Hole, it's a popular trap from Visions of Ice mini box. Pretty sure you've seen it.
<< Anonymous
Thank you


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Dodnt even watch the movie.. Huh? Well there you go. If you ever do.. watch the sub; dub is cringey.
Exploiting glitches is against the terms of use and if you do this, Konami might close your accou...
That's why it's just an R rarity card.
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