How to beat/farm Aster Phoenix Lvl 40

Konami really needs to fix their references to Dimension Gate. That card is crap now. Here's a farm that actually works, as far as I've tested, for Labyrinth Builder.
Sorry. Not Konami. GameA.
Card list please? Can't read it from the pic
<< Anonymous
1x Summoner of Illusions
1x Gravekeeper's Vassal
2x Planet Pathfinder
2x Union Attack
3x Shard of Greed
1x Storm
1x Dimensionhole
3x Acidic Downpour
1x Pot of Benevolence
1x Divine Wrath
1x Secret Pass to the Treasure
2x Emperor's Holiday
1x Wild Tornado
<< Anonymous
He still decks out, from my testing, but Emperor's Holiday and Divine Wrath stop Plasma. I'm testing with 1 fewer Acidic Downpour and Shard of Greed, replaced with 2 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell to counter his draw spells.
<< Anonymous
That doesn't quite stop him from drawing from his graveyard with Diamond Dude. I'll test some more.
<< Anonymous
Okay. Get rid of the Emperor's Holiday. That no longer works. Replace those with Ultimate Providence. I'll post the new decklist in a separate thread in a second - this has changed too much.



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*with "play", I meant "put into your deck"
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