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drop rate for this card seems broken, i have minimum of 5 of each of the other cards but not one of these.
Not really, i still get a lot of these even when I speed through the duel with Bonz not caring bout assessment points.
I have 4
<< Anonymous
i still havent gotten one yet, fought lvl 40 bonez with a farming deck getting minimum of 8k per fight and not one drop... this game hates me
<< Anonymous
after days of farming bonz, I have only 2 of these, and multiples of all other card drops including 8 UR pumpkings...
Same, two days left, I've been farming this POS almost all day every day, and still not a single one of these, the only card I want from him...


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No. This card's effect inflicts Effect Damage, so Spirit Barrier wouldn't protect you.
most OP skill in the game yet its bugged sad life bought this skill withg the skill ticket bc ...
its obtainable for npc but not for players ive seen it several times in tag duel matches
Common yellow dragon ninja we need yellow dragon ninja
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