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Is there a reason no C&D? I don't really understand how it's not a better gravity blaster.
I guess it's because Vylon Epsilon. Good monster, but it's pretty situational. I prefer C&D better.
C&D only power up your monster DURING YOUR OWN TURN.
Furthermore, it only negate effects when THE EQUIPPED MONSTER ATTACKS.

Gravity Blaster's ATK gain and effect negation applies even during opponent's Battle Phase when the opponent is the one making an attack.
<< Anonymous
This. Those people who think C&D is better, clearly don't read the card properly.

Heck, even Axe of Despair is better than C&D if all you need is a generic ATK booster.
<< Anonymous
What about the opponent's turn effect on C&D? It works like an amazoness heirloom effect that forces targeting. Or I think it would but doesn't? I'm not sure if it's a bug but I've never seen it work when the Leo BOX uses it. Can anyone confirm?
<< Anonymous
It does force targeting, but the destruction effect is like Ancient Gear Fist, in that it still has to be on the field after the damage step.
<< Anonymous
C&d effect only works if it's still on the field to resolve. So it is only possible with for example a power tool Dragon equipped with two equip cards that gets attacked, and still retains the c&d equip.

And so it needs a lot of set up but can still be used reasonably.

The other effect of c&D that forces the opponent to attack the equipped monsters can protect your little guys like a slingen or
<< Anonymous
Celphon. While also if you have two equipped to separate monsters blocking your opponent from attacking at all.


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An earth tuner seems pretty generic to me TBH
This card is for girl on girl fetishes
bro this is very good support for shiranui, will be the new meta
It's not even an just making an argument, it's just flat out obvious that Declan (The g...
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