Hey so has anyone figured out a decent deck recipe for the morphtronic monsters? At least good enough to make him stand a chance against auto duelists?
I don't think Morphtronics would make for a very good auto-duel deck. They have far too many small combo pieces the AI'll just set and have die. Also, they really need at least another LV4 before you can really build them at all. Right now, you'd have to either build entirely around Videon, or make some sort of gimmicky deck abusing Map.
<< Anonymous
Try with genex instead, at least you could stall with r-genex accelerator, then when you draw genex controller, you can special summon it then summon power tool dragon, or any synchros you can get, like stardust.
You can make this deck auto duel but in lower stages, as the stage lv rises, you probably need to play it manually
I build a fun deck focusing on Vacuumen. Just special summon in DEF, vacuum the opposing monster and then tribute summon.
I just use Genex monsters
This is my deck for leo :

1x scopen
3x radion
3x X head cannon
1x genex neutron
1x sphere kuriboh
1x bio falcon
1x remoten
1x e-con
3x power tool C & D
1x widespread ruin
1x floodgate
3x W.O.D

1x power tool dragon

Skill : courage and strength

Its fairly decent for level 57 standard duelists
im doing pretty well with just morphtronics
<< Anonymous(Ripcordkill345)
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