How to beat/farm Seto Kaiba Lvl 40

Me, Myself and I
Hmm, thx LvL10 Kaiba XD?
Seto Kaiba
No problem, third rate duelist with a fourth rate deck!
Yugi Muto
See Kaiba... that's what happens if you just trust in the Heart of the Cards
<< Anonymous(Yugi Muto)
Chazz Princeton
Chazz it up!!
<< Anonymous(Yugi Muto)
Seto Kaiba
That's the same thing Tea said when I slept with her last night. :D
<< Anonymous(Seto Kaiba )
no shipping please



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No we won't we'll play against zorc as a charactet like in the DD tower but that's... No download but streaming and you can choose between sub and dub
Get your Debunks and Transmigration Prophecys ready my lads because mermails are coming in hot
I don't understand how konami can put 3 cyber angel cards in the same ban list.At least make...
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