How to beat/farm Seto Kaiba Lvl 40

Me, Myself and I
Hmm, thx LvL10 Kaiba XD?
Seto Kaiba
No problem, third rate duelist with a fourth rate deck!
Yugi Muto
See Kaiba... that's what happens if you just trust in the Heart of the Cards
<< Anonymous(Yugi Muto)
Chazz Princeton
Chazz it up!!
<< Anonymous(Yugi Muto)
Seto Kaiba
That's the same thing Tea said when I slept with her last night. :D
<< Anonymous(Seto Kaiba )
no shipping please
<< Anonymous(Seto Kaiba )
Téa Gardner
Yeah Kaiba, you said well. You ONLY slept! humpf... -.-"



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