Paradox Brothers unlock event: Guardians of the Gate

A question about gate guardian: when you have sanga , kazejin , suijin on the field why should you tribute them to summon gate guardian !!!?i know that has a high power but no effect ...
The world will never know....
i just wanted others opinion):
Because, its attack is higher than those three ._.
<< Anonymous(emudia)
But the three monsters used for the summon each have an effect that FREAKING LOWERS YOUR OPPONENT'S MONSTERS ATTACK TO 0! It's effect is only usable once per card but it does allow you to get rid of big threats like Blue-Eyes and such.
It's weird
Player J
Ali. V the reason a person would summon Gate Guardian is if they was trying to do 1 massive finishing hit.

Sanga, Kazejin, & Suijin have always been better monsters.

The main reason is because they protect themselves with effects.

However, They have lower attack value.
Gate Guardian has better high attack basically.

The only time you want to bring him out is if you are doing finishing hit.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Another reason you would summon Gate Guardian is to get the playmat & sleeves!

Usually, They are giving if you summon the monster 100 times.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Who says there using Sanga, Kazejin, & Suijin to summon it they could be using a card like " a wild monster appears"
There is only one reason to summon gg: style. If you already have all 3 pieces ob the field then you probably could uqve finished the duel 2 turns ago or more. The only situation where summining this card would be useful is if all 3 pieces have been locked down with mask of the accursed
Player J
@Anoymous - The card "a wild monster appears" hasn't been released to Duel links yet so it isn't possible.

However, It seems like the reason to summon Gate Guardian has already been reviled.

Paradox Brothers have a skill which let you have all 3 Guardians on the field.

However, they can't attack.
Thus, you can tribute summon Gate Guardian over them in order to start attacking.

PvP is gonna be a hard counter to get rid of him on turn 1-3, if used correctly.

pve it has lots of potential to open up new farming methods due to an awesome tanker on turn 1.
One reason you might want guardian is because the opponent has the chance to win off deck drain. For example they play a blue eyes but keep it in attack mode and dont attack. The kazejin,suijin and sanga effect is now useless creating a potential stalemate. FIrst one to run out of cards wins.
The skill makes them trash they cant atk
So gategardian is better tham those 3 as I know
<< Anonymous
no, level 57 std duelists such as equip and destroy or Insect fortress etc can easily wipe your 500LP in 1 turn .. especially Equip and Destroy deck..Gearfried + Black Pendant
Because once they become gateguardian they are no longer separate


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I used him in Legacy Event cause I love the dinosaur monsters and won a lot of battles. I do kind...
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