Structure Deck EX: Spellbound Silence

Another Fact ! 30days ago
This is not pay to win. Because there's a huge difference between a "need" and a "commodity". If you think a "commodity" is a "need"; guess what? I've found a REAL LIFE ELITIST ! :D ! Man I wish some of you guys find peace some day; because no one is safe with such self-destructive behavior. Playing the victim role 24/7 "Kaiba, You'll never win with a hearth full of hatred and mistrust; it holds you back". - I guess those words are true after all.
Anoymous 30days ago
... :D!
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 30days ago
Anoymous 30days ago
Guess some people do not know even what to say, they just hate and lie WTF !
Anoymous 30days ago
Invested in hazys long ago, no regrets XD!
Game is not p2w at all !
Anoymous 30days ago
I won't go with "A MASK" to the frontgate of your own bussines, so I can talk trash about it to people that passes by.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 29days ago
Anoymous 29days ago
KAIBA 29days ago
<< Anonymous(KAIBA)
Anoymous 29days ago
lol kaiba, what did u just say? xd
Anoymous 28days ago
u made me want to start reading the manga again, so sad 4kids ruined the show
Liam 24days ago
^Yeah, 4kids did such a weird job; they changed the whole plot! :o !



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I had that problem last time, just keep at it and it should drop eventually. The problem is the n...
(continued) Screw it, I change my mind. I'll just try using the skill and see what happens. ...
*cue whole playlist of Linkin Park songs*
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