Silent Swordsman Control: deck recipe

For what can I replace dd assailant?
dd warrior if you can get one of them with gems, amazoness swords woman otherwise.
You can't really.

Assailant has 1800 attack which stops it being run over by weaker level 4 monsters in the meta (D Heroes mainly who top at 1600). This gives it the ability to hold the line and not waste it's effect on weak monsters.

D.D Warrior only has 1200 attack so can easily be swarmed over by sacrificial weaklings.
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Assailant has 1700 ATK not 1800.
Shield warrior is a good replacement
Shield warrior is a good replacement


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Would you mind explaining to me what these new rulings entail?
Why iron core return to semi-limited instead of Diamond core if Komoney want the return of Koa Ki...
so jaden/yubel is a "waste" to you but jim crocodile and axel who are both second tier ...
I see they forgot Spirit Barrier is already in the game.
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