Special Duel Event [July 6 - July 12]

this is so annoying ,i can't enjoy the event for even bronze league is full of fur hire..i don't know if thats a thing but all of these ppl can just play rank and touch themselves when they reach KOG. i even ran against valiant growler using a machine skill just to be fur hire 2nd turn destroying his own get castle ..what a joke
edit :vellian crowler
btw ,i am not a f2p and i did invested money to get cards that i like but never meta sylvansfur hire 🔥..makes this game less and less appealing
<< Anonymous
There's nothing you can do. Even konami wished this to happen so they can get more money.

All you can probably do is stay lower rank to see less of meta decks or get better deck.
<< Anonymous
If would suggest Spellbook (if available). As consistent as Fur Hire decks are, they don't blend well with most of the other core cards...leading to bad hands.
Spellbook can blend with Silent Magician Core and Dark Magician Core, I reached KOG with Silent Spellbooks from Gold 2. I leveled up with Blue-Eyes but I couldn't deal with Fur Hire or Amazoness, so Silent Spellbooks was my next choice.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
If you don't have Silent Magician, Dark Magician should make a good smoothie with Spellbook.



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