Set Card List: Ultimate Rising

35 packs left, still 3 Sr and 2 Ur in the box... Ofc one of them is sphere kuriboh... I've wasted so many gems in this garbaj box...
Update: 8 packs left, kuriboh is still there. Kill me please
<< Anonymous
kuriboh is shit now just leave it
<< Anonymous
I would not go crazy for it, but if you have only got 8 packs left, you might as well as power through it. The Duel-A-Thon event should give you enough gems by the end. Sphere Kuriboh is still one of the few cards that could save you even against Anti-Magic Arrows and other anti-spell/traps. I would prefer not needing it in the first place tho...
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
I've started opening this box only for kuriboh so yeah I'm gonna buy the remaining 8 packs... But still what are the chances...
<< Anonymous
Not especially low. On average, there'll be 1 UR left in the last 20 packs (200 packs, 10 UR's). So that's what, a 2/5 chance it'll be in the last 8, or about 40%.
<< Anonymous
found it on my 7th pack:)
on my way for my second SRH, wish me luck



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Well... Toon cyber dragon to be exact...
Yes I love pot of desires
Its because kuribo belongs to yugi muto
This and Neos Fusion is a pain in the ass I want 6 sams and masked heroes back instead of thi...
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