Set Card List: Ultimate Rising

35 packs left, still 3 Sr and 2 Ur in the box... Ofc one of them is sphere kuriboh... I've wasted so many gems in this garbaj box...
Update: 8 packs left, kuriboh is still there. Kill me please
<< Anonymous
kuriboh is shit now just leave it
<< Anonymous
I would not go crazy for it, but if you have only got 8 packs left, you might as well as power through it. The Duel-A-Thon event should give you enough gems by the end. Sphere Kuriboh is still one of the few cards that could save you even against Anti-Magic Arrows and other anti-spell/traps. I would prefer not needing it in the first place tho...
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
I've started opening this box only for kuriboh so yeah I'm gonna buy the remaining 8 packs... But still what are the chances...
<< Anonymous
Not especially low. On average, there'll be 1 UR left in the last 20 packs (200 packs, 10 UR's). So that's what, a 2/5 chance it'll be in the last 8, or about 40%.
<< Anonymous
found it on my 7th pack:)
on my way for my second SRH, wish me luck



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lmao. sucks to be them. I was planning to get more, but I didn't have enough gems lol.
Even better, Special Summon Gigaplant with Rose Lover's effect, and use your Normal Summon f...
It's limited in the next banlist. That's enough, since one Cosmic Cyclone and it's...
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