You're Under Arrest! (Skill)

Do this skill replace your whole extra deck for 2 random goyos as well or just add them?
it replaces cards in your deck so be careful if you have one trunade or treacherous traphole in deck they might get changed into goyo cards but it's up to you if the exchange is worth it
<< Anonymous
^This idiot actually thinks spells and traps are in the extra deck. Or you didn't read the whole question you 🔥, either way, you didn't help the op with your post.
<< Anonymous
What a sad and angry person
<< Anonymous
Get wooooshed on!
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
It's still a fact that you're super angry over something whimsical. I bet you also get angry on your glass of cold water leaving a wet ring on the table, because you're such an "angry" person. It's not too late to change your nasty attitude, bro.


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