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Anonymous 25days ago
Made about 1000+ gems just on drops.
LMFAO 25days ago
If you had at least a 2 digit IQ's, you won't have to spend all day farming to get 20 mil+ by now. Not his fault you're dumber than a dolphin.
Anoymous 25days ago
Holy shit 21 million points!? How the fuck did you that??????? This is crazy...
Dan 25days ago
damn 21 mill in event points and almost 3 mill in Coins lol
Anoymous 25days ago
Actually, if you always win with 8k points everytime you duel pegasus, you can reach up to 25 million in the end of event, it's not mean that you have to play all the time, i just play like usual, 10 regular duelist every 5 hour, not using duel orbs or booster, and now i'm almost reach 22 mil.



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this skill isn't too op as described
Same here.............
That what I was thinking 1700 is max for a guy who can use a field spell to get 1900
I got It's a toon world Skill against Yami yugi lv 20. Using a regular deck. I was tryng and...
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